8 VS Code Extensions You Might Love

This list of Visual Studio Code extensions will make your programming workflow a lot easier and more efficient. Simply put, they will improve the way you write and view code. This extension will…

How to Add Authentication to MongoDB in Portainer (Docker)

MongoDB doesn’t use any authentication by default. This should be changed when opening the database to the internet. In this article, I’ll describe how you can enable authentication for MongoDB inside Portainer – a web interface for Docker. Open your Portainer interface. If you haven’t already, install MongoDB.

Why You Must Hate JavaScript to Be Able to Love It

On the internet you will always find comments why JavaScript is bad, why you shouldn’t use it and that it is overhyped. Probably all the authors of these comments are right. JavaScript has many flaws. There are many things you can criticize about JavaScript. But exactly these flaws make JavaScript one of the best programming languages!

How to chain JavaScript functions

Chaining JavaScript functions means that a function is returning another set of functions. All you have to do is this: As you can see, the function is returns an object with the functions plus, minus, equalToTen. All of those functions can use the initial parameter x from is.

Recording in OBS Studio - The best settings

The settings shown here are optimal for YouTube uploads. Set your settings to this: Recording Quality: This is set so high because it’s one of the two most important values for a good-looking video. This will set your video bit rate higher and make the output file larger – and sharper.

The most used words on Wikipedia

This all started with me having a lot of space left on my home server. I wanted to do something with it. I always liked Big Data. Quickly I came to the thought, how cool it would be to have the whole…